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Shining a Light on Report Cards 

Written by Kirsty Young for Beacon Literacy
Article was published by Calgary's Child Magazine

A low literacy level could have serious implications on a child's future education and overall social development. With as many as 4 out of 10 Canadians dropping below the acceptable literacy average, according to a StatsCan report, now is the time to address gaps or lack of foundation in your child's reading ability.
In June, school report cards will be sent home in backpacks all across Canada. Wouldn't it be wonderful to open that report card this year, comfortable in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to help your child achieve better grades?


If you don't learn to read, how can you read to learn?

By Markham Hislop of The Calgary Beacon

According to Lani Donaldson of Beacon Literacy, almost half of Canadian adults have insufficient reading skills to get through their day.  If the strategies currently being used in our classrooms “don’t fit about 40% of the children” how can we assure that our children are learning to read fluently?  For many parents, help outside the classroom is the answer.

Once a child has been identified with delays in their reading, it is important for parents to ask what level the child is actually at and what strategies the teacher would suggest.  Then it is time to seek expert help.  Beacon Literacy is just that: specialists dedicated to literacy, or reading.


 Make the most of the parent/teacher conferences

By Markham Hislop of The Calgary Beacon

In order for our children to get the most out of their school experience, teachers and parents need to work as a team.  For that to happen, there must be communication between home and the school.  Lani Donaldson of Beacon Literacy offers some questions every parent should ask to make the most of the parent/ teacher conference.

Ms. Donaldson points out that it’s important for parents to realize they are free to call the school and ask for a meeting with the teacher at any time.  Once a meeting has been set, parents should go in with a plan.  Never start with, “How is my kid doing?” as this causes the teacher to comment on everything because that’s what was asked for.


Have a different school experience next year

by Markham Hislop of The Calgary Beacon

As the school year enters its final stretch, most people start thinking about summer vacation.  For a struggling student, the summer will carry with it the fear of September.  Beacon Literacy offers a proven program that can help any student be ready to face September with confidence.

Beacon’s program is typically twenty weeks, but this can be condensed into as few as ten weeks.  The summer offers an ideal time for condensing as students do not have to focus on school as well as the program.  According to Lani Donaldson, President and CEO of Beacon Literacy, by starting now, and continuing through the vacation, students “have so much more confidence when they enter in September … because they’ll have those really foundational skills that they really really need to be there because it’s crucial for success.”