"The rough seas are behind us now that we have found our beacon in the storm. Thank-you for all you do, thank-you for all you are, and thank-you most of all for all you have helped our daughter become. Words are not enough...". 

- Trudy Reynolds

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Parental Peace of Mind

The advent of the Internet, in some respects, made the job of parenting a little harder.  We want our children to experience the vast wealth of knowledge available on the Internet and communicate with their friends online.  Besides, it frees up the telephone.  You remember the telephone, don’t you?  The thing that rings right around dinner time with those annoying telemarketers, even though you are listed on the “do-not-call” list ...!


Exploring the Diamond Minds

"Within every book is a diamond" ~ Lani R Donaldson

Summer Reading

School is almost out, the kids will have their summer break soon and you want to ensure that those skills that have been taught in school and practiced daily for the past 196 school days do not go on vacation as well. 


Facing the Tyranny of Time

From K to three you learn to read, from grade four and for the rest of your life you read to learn. What if you miss the window?


Dressed to Kill But Can’t Read the Label?

How many of us have to really think about what some of the washing instructions symbols mean?  I know the hand wash only and the hang to dry but after that I get a little rusty.  Perhaps I have spent too much time in hot water and then left myself  “hang to dry”.


If Children Were Elephants, They'd All Learn to Read

A while ago I was watching an educational documentary on elephants.  The expert being interviewed was talking about the old adage, "An elephant never forgets."  Did you know that is actually true?  And here I thought that that was just one of my mom's ways of reminding me that I needed to work a little harder on my memory.  As I watched the show it suddenly dawned on me .....

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