"Whether you are an adult who never learned to read, or the parent of a child struggling at school, you know the anguish of the poor reader.

Beacon is the answer for genuine, long-term solutions."

- Beacon Literacy

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The Lani Donaldson Literacy Foundation

The Lani Donaldson Literacy Foundation is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, funding and providing programs for both local and global literacy and educational initiatives.

It is the foundation’s belief that literacy and education are crucial to solving many of the world’s difficulties in both the developed and developing countries. The Foundation is focusing on the education of women and children. If you educate a woman, you educate a village. If you educate a child, you educate the world.

Our Vision:

To Teach the World to Read” Reading is without a doubt the most fundamental underlying skill to all successful educational programs. Without the ability to read, one is doomed to do say and act as others tell them to. The Foundation hopes to impact on a number of local and at least one global literacy initiative by the end of 2010.

Mission Statement:

The Lani Donaldson Literacy Foundation partners with non-profits both locally and globally, to provide educational and literacy initiatives for both women and children. It is our belief that by breaking the bonds of illiteracy for both women and children, we can empower them and help break the cycle of poverty, violence and crime in the world.