"The rough seas are behind us now that we have found our beacon in the storm. Thank-you for all you do, thank-you for all you are, and thank-you most of all for all you have helped our daughter become. Words are not enough...". 

- Trudy Reynolds

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Youville provides safe, long-term, and family-style residential accommodation to women seeking recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence or sexual assault. Youville's professional and compassionate counsellors ensure safe healing and recovery for the women in their care. Youville promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing through specialized programs. 

By providing programs unique and appropriate to each individual's needs and strenghts clients get the personalized care they need to heal.  Youville also guides women through their transition from Youville into the community where they can lead productive and rewarding lives. 

Beacon Literacy currently has a pilot program at Youville to help the women improve their literacy skills. www.youville.net